More Than Eye Candy

Lillian Overstreet has flipped the channel on her rerun life. She’s convinced nothing exciting will ever happen to her. Her husband’s dead, her daughter treats her like a doormat, and old age is creeping up on her like bad granny panties. Her only reason to leave the house is her bowling team of widows—the Ball Busters.

When her daughter hires eye candy to renovate the family home in Why, Texas, Lillian and her DOA libido get a second wind. Twenty-two year old Noah Rivers is a vision of the perfect male body. The sexy handyman inspires Lillian to pay him for services rendered on her unusual bucket list of sexual fantasies in an uncommon ‘coming of age’ fling.

But after her daughter threatens to destroy Noah for her cruel agenda, Lillian and the Ball Busters devise an outlandish scheme to derail her. Lillian will discover what it means to be part of a team when the ten pins are down.

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Lillian Overstreet

“Have you ever thought about going to college yourself, Noah? If you could, what would you major in?”

He stopped smiling and he wouldn’t look me in the eye. I could see he struggled with how to answer me.

“I can’t think about that.” He slouched back in his chair and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “I mean, at one point I wanted to become an architect. It would be cool to create concepts for living, or see buildings go up that I imagined, but Tris comes first. I promised my mom I’d take care of her, like she took care of me. End of story.”

Noah either didn’t see my point or didn’t want to talk about it. His eyes lit up as he’d talked about sending his sister to college—no matter what it cost him—but by trying to do the right thing and pay off his mother’s medical bills, he’d never go to college if he always just ‘got by.’ A young man like him probably thought he had a long future ahead to get things right, but I knew otherwise. Sometimes ‘hopes’ and ‘choices’ got swallowed by settling for whatever happened to you, like bumper cars colliding haphazardly into each other, one unforeseen mishap after another.

The boy needed money to pay off his bills and make a future for him and his sister. I suddenly realized I could help him with that, couldn’t I? I had money, he didn’t. Simple, really. I stood and grabbed his empty plate, along with mine, and placed the dirty dishes in the sink.

“Thanks for lunch, ma’am.” He stood to leave. “That sandwich was really good.”

Before he left my kitchen, I blurted out the first thing that came into my head. The words were out of my mouth and I couldn’t take them back.

“Would you come with me…now?”

Noah furrowed his brow and said, “Where?”

“Upstairs…my bedroom.” I swallowed, hard. “Now.”

“Do I need to bring a light bulb…or a screwdriver?”

“If you think it’ll help.”

I winced at how stupid I sounded and turned my back on him before he asked me anything more. I knew he’d be confused, but he followed me. My heart pounded as I climbed the stairs. Once I got to my bedroom, what would I do? If he got offended or repulsed by my intentions, he could tell my daughter, tell anyone, or laugh. That would kill me.

I walked in utter silence down the hallway, realizing too late that I hadn’t thought this out, but a part of me was filled with the rush that he could easily say, ‘yes.’ He could agree and whatever dark desire I had, he could satisfy it this very afternoon. I didn’t even care how much money it might cost me.



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